Pregnancy Yoga – Yoga for pregnant women

Most of the pregnant women are concerned about their fitness and body shape post delivery. But only few are aware of the fact that there are yoga poses especially for pregnant women. Pregnancy Yoga can answer all their queries.
It has been noticed practically that Pregnancy Yoga brings calming effect on the mind and body thereby making mood happier. Let us now discuss how Pregnancy Yoga helps to keep pregnancy hassle-free;

Ancient yogis have described Pregnancy Yoga as a holistic approach that not only maintains shape of body during and post-pregnancy but also eases the pregnancy tannure.

Thus pregnant women are advised to practice yoga for overall well-being – body, mind and heart. If practice under expert supervision, Yoga for pregnant women can help would be mother enjoy their pregnancy without any burden and with maximum comfort. Pregnancy Not only it eases childbirth but also helps overcome postpartum blues in the post-delivery stages.

Independent nurses and doctors vouch for the fact that Pregnancy Yoga plays a vital role in smooth and safe delivery. Studies show that pregnant women who practice Pregnancy Yoga exercises gain better physical and mental health. The flexibility in the body is enhanced and the relaxed joints help her to adapt to the different positions in labor as her ligaments are more elastic. The result is reduced labor pains.

Pregnancy Yoga’s stretching exercises help relieve aches and pains. It is the only solution for postpartum back problems as the overall posture gets strength. Further Pregnancy Yoga helps expectant mums to make up their mind for childbirth. It makes them aware of breath and body, overcomes worries and helps pregnant women get familiar with their situation. The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga are long lasting even after pregnancy, too. It is advised for new mothers to start Postnatal Yoga around six weeks after childbirth. This helps strengthen abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. Most of the mums do not know that getting back to pre-pregnancy shape is easier if Postnatal Yoga is practiced six weeks after childbirth.

Parallel to practicing pregnancy yoga exercises, pregnancy massage therapy must be started on a regular basis. This therapy helps to get back into shape and gain strength as it provides complete relaxation and blood flow in the body is improved. The therapy is also known to help during labor. Women must learn about pregnancy massage therapy before undergoing it. A pregnancy massage therapy should be undertaken from a certified physical therapist in your city.

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  1. 1 Simon Owens November 15, 2009 at 2:44 am

    Wiser Pregnancy conducted a scientific survey that found that almost 2/3 of pregnant women regularly exercise while only 32% of non-pregnant women exercise

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