Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Pregnancy massage therapy is generally used for the benefit of both the expectant mom and the fetus. Specially used for pregnant women, the soft gentle touches give her and the foetus the feeling of comfort, awareness, love and many other feelings. As a result many aches and pains are reduced significantly and create a psychological effect in the mind of pregnant woman.

Pregnancy massage therapy is specially designed for the body needs and requirements of mother would be. It is also known as pre-natal massage.

The advantages of Pregnancy Massage Therapy are:

  • Both the body and mind get relaxed and strain is diminished.
  • Improves flexibility in the joints and muscles and reduces Cramps and myofascial pain, particularly in the hips, neck, lower back, and legs.
  • The circulation of blood and lymph improves, thereby decreasing the swelling in body parts.
  • The strength of the weight-bearing joints increases and stress is reduced.
  • Eases labor pain.
  • Skin glows better due to increased blood flow and suppleness of fundamental tissues rises.
  • Both physical and mental help to the new mother who has passed different phases of physical and emotional stress of mother hood.
Unlike regular massage, the hand movements are a little different in massage during pregnancy so as to ensure that there is no harm to the baby in the womb. The therapist must be an expert of pregnancy massage therapy and must be aware of the pregnancy delicacies and the anatomy of a woman body.

Careful hand movements during the massage are essential for the safety of both the mother and the baby. Not every part of the body needs to be massaged.

It is advised to use only the table especially set up for pregnancy massage therapy so that you can feel utmost comfort when you lie in a semi-reclining position. This is necessary for the safety of the baby. While massaging back and hips, you can safely turn side to side.

The setting of the room for massage of a pregnant woman is quite similar to a traditional massage room. Sharp lights in the room must be avoided and a warm extra padded table will be used for the woman to lie down. Soft music is an option if the woman likes so that the woman can relax and enjoy massage. Soft music with a baby’s heart throb on the background soothes most of the women. Pregnant women also prefer candles due to good smell.

Contrary to the popular myth even women who carry multiple babies can enjoy and get benefit without any harm to the babies from pregnancy massage therapy. This pregnancy massage therapy eases labor pains. But the therapist must have an idea what techniques used may be unsafe. In other cases Pregnancy Massage Therapy is very good.

Precautions to be used:

  • Avoid massage in the 1st trimester.
  • Due to some critical health conditions in some cases, medical experts do not advise pregnancy massage therapy.
  • It is recommended to take an opinion of your doctor or a qualified pregnancy massage therapist.
  • Ensure to touch the belly only outwardly with a soft gentle hand.
  • Any pressure enforced to the inside of the legs should also be outward.
  • Some pregnant women are advised bed rest and they must avoid massage on their legs as there may be a higher risk of blood clots in their legs.
Pregnancy massage therapy is beneficial in reducing aches, pains and stress of the body, however it is advisable to be careful during massage and learn more about the massage before going for it.

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